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Android Auto Clicker NO ROOT FREE 2018! FREP Finger Replayer Setup!

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This Android Auto Clicker uses an app called FREP Finger Replayer to manage all of the auto clicking – it’s super easy to setup and get working!

Download FREP Auto Clicker server –

I recently made a video on a free auto clicker for android, but to get that auto clicker working on your android phone you needed to have root access. This android auto clicker has no root access requirement, and it’s completely free as well!

The good thing about this android autoclicker is that you record your taps on your Android device, so wherever you tap is exactly where FREP will auto click for you.

Auto Clickers are great for android games, particular games like clicker heroes, adventure capitalist, even games like can benefit.

Using an auto clicker is a good idea as you can save tons of time by having the app automatically click/tap for you, so you can leave your phone overnight and have it automatically tap and you can get tons of gold/gems/money!

personally, I think this is the best auto clicker for android as it requires no root, and is the easiest autoclicker to setup. The only downside is that you need to connect your android phone to a PC to get the FREP server started, after that though the android auto clicker works even with no pc connection!

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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator