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Clicker Heroes ist eines der meistgespielten Spiele bei Steam. Warum auch immer. Eigentlich das selbe Prinzip wie Adventure Capitalist, aber irgendwie noch bescheuerter.


Titel: Euternreuter Knabenchor. – So viel Bullshit!

Alle andere Musik ist Ingame-Musik und erinnert mich an meine sauren Regen

Findet mich in den asozialen Netzen:

Ich freu mich!
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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack! Unlimited Crystals Cheat by

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack! Unlimited Crystals Cheat by

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Track: Lennart Schroot & Unknown Brain – Kuyenda (feat. Sru) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Clicker Heroes Root 2 #31 – GOG!!!

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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Clicker Heroes Hack #1

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Abwarten und Kaffee trinken – CLICKER HEROES S03#57 – Let’s Play [german]

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Let’s Play Clicker Heroes

Alle Folgen der dritten Staffel in der Playlist:

Selber idlen?

Im Browser:

Auf Steam:

Transcendence Tutorial & FAQ:

8-bit Musik zum Download:


0000-4000 Daé Vagor
0000-XxXx Benschageddon
0000-XxXx Click my baby on more time
0000-XxXx Fortunate
0000-XxXx Neue Weltordnung
0000-XxXx Vielfrasse
0500-2000 Die Inaktiven
0600-2000 Wrestlemania 32
0800-XxXx pebkac
1000-3000 Diggaz
1000-4000 Ascend for Solomon
1000-XxXx Hyped
1000-XxXx Natural Born Clickers
1000-XxXx Never enough Solomon
1200-3200 Rekuire
1500-3000 SolomonClicker
1500-4000 Cl1ckman1a
1500-XxXx Merkura
1800-4000 Kommando Click
2000-XxXx ClickerDestruction
2000-XxXx DieDrei XXX
2000-XxXx Glock
2000-XxXx The Transcenders
2300-XxXx Feuer Berge
2500-4000 The Solomon Connection
2500-XxXx Elite Clicker
2500-XxXx Kult der Eule
2600-XxXx Pink Fluffy UnicornS
3000-XxXx Mois
3000-XxXx PerNoctem
4000-7000 TheSurfinBirds
4000-XxXx FunClicker
4000-XxXx German Players
4500-XxXx Shots fired
4900-XxXx Level_Up
5000-XxXx Clickerfreunde
5000-XxXx Die Clicker Heroes

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Siyalatas Regilding Chart:

Siyalatas levels for regilding chart from ClickerHeroes

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Offizielles Wiki:

Inoffizielles Wiki:

Outsider Spreadsheet:

Outsider Spreadsheet #2:

Ancients Calculator #1:

Ancients Calculator #2:
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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator