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Hack any CLICKER app EASY

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How to hack any clicker app with a ubuntu PC. In this video, I will show you how to hack any clicker app with ubuntu PC. You can hack Cookie clicker, or Clicker heroes!

Download Teamviewer HERE :

you may need to install the Xmouse tools in order for this to work.
Download them here:

1. download and install teamviewer12 on your mobile device and PC.
2. Connect and test the connection on your PC.
3. open the command prompt/terminal on your PC.
4. Type: gedit script the script paste this:


while [ 1 ]; do
xdotool mousemove 882 585 click 1 &
sleep 0.001

6. close the script, and go to the teamviewer12 tab.
7. On your mobile device, launch the clicker you want to hack.
8.Close all tabs except for the mobile phone connection tab, and the terminal/ command promt tab.
9.Go to the terminal- run: ./script Your mouse should start clicking many times in the center of the screen.
10. Press Alt-Tab to go to the phone tab.
11. You should now have a clicker!
To stop running the clicker hack, press alt-tab to go to the terminal, and press alt-F4 to close it.

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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Bajheera – CLICKER HEROES: Razer Synapse Auto-Clicker Macro Guide – Free, Safe, & Easy! :D

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Sup guys! 😀 I’ve been playing this super fun and HIGHLY addictive game called CLICKER HEROES, and I wanted to share a quick tip to allow you to continue to progress through REALLY tough spots in the game using the Razer Synapse program to help you make an easy and effective Auto-Clicker Macro 😀

Click here to play CLICKER HEROES for Free! 😀 –

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Clicker Heroes Hack – Unlimited Rubies & Hero Souls Online Generator*HOT*

Hello youtube community,our team of experienced coders managed to get a way through the game’s security system and we proudly present you the latest version of our h a c k to cheat the game systemclick here

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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Clicker Heroes – Game Hack! | No Download + EASY

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In this Clicker Heroes video, I will show you how to hack/cheat clicker heroes! It’s absolutely free and no download is required. And no, i am not one of those people who try to scam you. This hack lets you get unlimited coins, gifts, and heroes.
Hack Code:
Clicker Heroes:
Outro Theme:

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

clicker heroes easy hack

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

clicker heroes easy hack
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[ Clicker Heroes ] – Welle für Welle – Clicker Heroes Gameplay PS4 German/Deutsch

Herzlich Willkommen bei dem (RPG-Klick Game) Clicker Heroes für die PS4.Eure NerdCoreUnited Crew wünscht euch, viel Spaß beim Zuschauen. Wenn euch das Video Gefallen hat, dann lasst doch eine Positive Bewertung da. Dankeschön^^

Zur Playlist:

Unser Kanal:

Indie von Playsaurus (Konsolen Version) (2017)

Informative Seite zu Clicker Heroes:

Gameplay von NerdCoreUnited (2017)

Wenn ihr Gefallen am Game gefunden habt, unterstützt die Arbeit der Entwickler und kauft es euch im Original!

Die volle Packung NerdCoreUnited:

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Clicker Heroes Rubies

Clicker Heroes Cheats [Super Easy] on steam! No downloads

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator Hey all my viewers! (probably 10 people) sorry for my recording ik its bad and its poorly made(the video) but its a super easy method to cheat your way out of the grind!Now i know i only have 4 subs and it will be hard to even trust me but hey you could take my words for it [no downloads,cheat engine or anything to be good at]
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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies


[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

You need to get DPS the 50coin one then change date & time!!!!
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Today i will show you how to get infinite cookies on Cookie Clicker Beta!


Go to the website:

Right Click on the screen

Click Inspect (Chrome) / Inspect Element (Microsoft Edge)

Click Console

Copy and Paste This Command Into The Bar: Game.cookies=9999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Press Enter

Exit Out of Inspect

Infinite Cookies!

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