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Smart Clicker v1.1.3 (Download or copy and paste) Free Auto Clicker

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It’s that time again, time for a new update to the Smart Clicker Family.

This time it is a rework of the SC v1. New features and improved performance to make this great auto clicker even better.

This version of the Smart Clicker series is a fixed click location auto clicker (you set a single position to click over and over), if you are looking for one that clicks where you move your cursor,
check out the other versions in the series


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PasteBin Link:

Download Link:!z5pjjZBI!6lhFZxvE5r7zkl1wmoouolnG9cp1rnJgfbmO1qxqcfM


Want to get AutoHotkey but don’t know how?
Here are 3 videos to get you up to speed.

1. How To Get AutoHotkey:

2.How To Create A New Script:

3. How To Run A Script:

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This is a way to fool your friends by getting unlimited cookies on the regular cookie clicker website, not a hacked website.

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Rubies

Clicker Heroes Walkthrough: Pt 230 – Buying The Auto Clicker! – PC Gameplay Playthrough 60fps

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Clicker Heroes Walkthrough: Pt 230 - Buying The Auto Clicker! - PC Gameplay Playthrough 60fps

Official Clicker Heroes Gameplay / Clicker Heroes Walkthrough Series for PC by Gameplayvids247.

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Clicker Heroes Rubies

Auto Click + Save Game Para Clickers Heroes

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Auto Click + Save Game Para Clickers Heroes

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Clicker Heroes Rubies

FREE Auto Clicker for Android! | Hiromacro Setup and Tutorial 2018 | Harrison Broadbent

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A FREE Auto clicker for Android would be pretty cool, right? Well lucky for you, this video is all about just that, using an Android app called Hiromacro!


touchdown 0 540 960
sleep 1
touchup 0
sleep 1

There are millions of auto clickers for pc, but there seem to be far less autoclickers for android. Luckily, Hiromacro solves this problem. Using HiroMacro, we can create an auto clicker for android, absoloutly free!

Auto clickers are good as they mean you need to click or tap less, so for android games like clicker heros or adventure capitalist, an autoclicker like hiromacro will be so, so useful to speed up your game and make you less tired.

By using an autoclicker like hiromacro, you basically can just put your android device down and leave it for a bit while the auto clicker does some clicking, and then when you come back you will have tons of gold / gems / whatever!

basically, using an auto clicker like hiromacro on your android device will mean that you can save so much time, because the auto clicker will be doing all the clicking, and you can just relax!

we use hiro macro as our autoclicker, as it is free as of 2017, is very powerful if you want to go deeper, and is perfect for all our autoclicking needs!

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Clicker Heroes Rubies

Time Clickers / Quality Of Life Script (Auto Setup)

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

This script will buy all your starting weapons and up grades for you, just tell it what weapon level you want and press start.

The script can be found at

If you have any questions about running the script, feel free to leave a comment below.
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Clicker Heroes Auto Clicker Tutorial

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Name: Izzy
Nationality: Malaysian
Main Language: Malay

Auto clicker:

Music: Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

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Sorry for a bad video quality, Accidentally downscale it when recording
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Clicker Heroes Rubies

iOS Auto Clicker for IPHONE and IPAD! – WORKING on iOS 11! | NO JAILBREAK 2017 | Harrison Broadbent

[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator

Step by step guide on how to get an auto clicker for your ios device, no jailbreak required.

This quick video is gonna show you how to get an auto clicker for your iPhone or iPad, and this is is confirmed to work on ios 11 in 2017, with no jailbreak required.

An auto clicker is a program that will allow you to automatically tap your device, which is good for games like clicker heroes that need lots of tapping.

it is harder to get an auto clicker on iPhones or iPads running iOS compared to android devices though, as apple has a more locked down device and ecosystem.

While this is not the best method, this is the best auto clicker for iPhones or iPads that you can get without jailbreaking.

If you want a more sophisticated auto clicker though, then you may want to jailbreak your device.

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Transcendence secret! In this video im showing you how to get some advantage after transcendence. It will be much easier to get to zone 100+ with these advises that i gave you in this video. Also i am not sure if there is a save option on phones, so the secret probably doesnot work on phones.
Hope you find it helpful!
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