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Clicker Heroes Hack/Cheat ? – Unlimited Ruby & Gold Tool 2018 (Android & iOS)

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Clicker Heroes Hack is being used worldwide and alsmot every active player considers it the best tool for unlimited gold and ruby.
I know it’s not easy to get gold and it takes lot of playing and your time of course. I remember I used to try looking for clicker heroes cheat but sadly none of them really worked.
My luck was in May this year when I found clicker heroes hack that was updated and working in 2018. You can share the same feeling as me, because both of us are here because we wanted free gold.

Thing I like most is – this isn’t mod or something like that. This is online tool so you only need connection and you’ll be alright. Also, it isn’t some puzzle. Just follow my steps and you’ll learn to use clicker heroes hack in seconds.
You’re probably asking how much does it take for whole process to finish ? I can’t be sure but in average from three to eight minutes. You might need to extra few mins for it to be sent to your account.
If you’re not sure to use it, just take a look at bright side. The clicker heroes hack is 100% safe and secure (I vouch for it) and it didn’t get me any problems for three months now. There’s no reason to be different for you.

Thank you for watching & enjoy it !

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[NEW] Clicker Heroes Generator